A cuisine that resonates

A "genuine" chef

"Deeply steeped in tradition, I love to innovate, engage in new blends, disconcert the taste buds of my guests by subjecting them to unexpected emotions.” Gilles Tournadre is Norman and loves his region; he is just as fascinated by Japan where he travels every year. The result? A marvellous alchemy between the generosity of Norman cuisine and the sobriety and purity of Japanese tradition. A balance rewarded with two Michelin stars from 1984 to 2020.

Gill showcases the products of the sea. Fish, shellfish and seafood… so many textures, flavours which bring together Normandy and Asia. Raw, cooked, seared, roasted… every preparation has its own fineness and secrets. 


Paying homage to the product

“In our profession, the only star is the product that we love to sublimate. My cuisine is a simple cuisine, without useless sophistication, just adorned with limpid and subtle blends."

Gilles Tournadre confirms  his love and his deep respect for the product.  With his cuisine he wants to magnify it, reveal all its subtleties, riches… without ever de-structuring, without any alteration. Citrus fruit, foie gras, scallops during the winter; vegetables and sunny fruit during the summer; game, apples and pumpkins in autumn, fish… The Chef lends his talents to the products that every season offers him! A wonderful story…

“You have to leave its own identity to every single product.” When he presents a plate, Gilles Tournadre wants the guest to “understand” it; that he immediately identifies the prepared fish, the roast meat, the apple “in a confit terrine” ... . This is followed by the time of discovery of savours and textures! And in order to better highlight the product, the Chef has chosen simply white plates...

A dynamic cuisine

Gilles Tournadre loves to remember his childhood on the farm where he spent his vacation. He has preserved the fragrances of that nature – hay in the summer and the meadows after a light rain – the colours – the yellow of the dairy butter, the pinkish flowers of the apple trees -… From these times he has kept his love for scented dishes which reunite the entire family. Now that he is a Chef, Gilles Tournadre invites you to a dynamic cuisine, a sharing which subtly blends the emotions and the senses

Sense a dish that arrives… See a plate dressed with as much delicacy as simplicity… Appreciate the texture of a product – fine or thick, smooth or jagged if not irregular…, - Gill invites you, he takes you to his universe, let yourself be guided!


Our menus

​Occasions, seasons and menus...

  • Flavours of the Time Menu: variation of three dishes of the Chef, in harmony with the seasons, the market and the fishing.
  • Tasting Menu: 7 little “surprise” dishes by Gilles Tournadre. His latest creations.
  • Truffle Menu (during winter): "surprise" variation around Tuber melanosporum
  • Lobster Menu (during summer): variation of 5 dishes 
  • 37 Menu: from Tuesday noon to Friday noon (Friday evening and Saturday all day and public holiday)
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