Gourmet restaurant in the centre of Rouen

A cosy and intimate setting

Located on the banks of the Seine and with its contemporary, understated and elegant facade, Gill is the sort of establishment that only fully reveals its true delights on crossing its threshold.

With its soft lighting, refined tones, elegantly laid tables and pared back tableware, the restaurant’s décor and furnishings strike just the right tone. The lines are pure and simple, with no unnecessary frills, very much like the Chef’s authentic cuisine. And thus the scene is set: Gill offers you a moment of light and serenity in the most relaxing of environments.


A Chef, a team

Gilles Tournadre is from Normandy and is passionate about his region. He is equally passionate about the cuisine of Japan, a country he’s visited annually for the past 20 years. Through his cuisine he has managed to blend these two loves to create an unexpected and delightful alchemy that combines the generosity of Norman cuisine with the purity and flavours of the Japanese tradition. A balance rewarded by two Michelin stars from 1984 to 2020.

Meanwhile, Sylvie Tournadre, the daughter of wine growers from Bué in the Sancerre region, brings her in-depth knowledge and love of wines to the table. She selects grands crus and seeks out delicious and promising young wines, which she then showcases at “Gill” to best enhance and accompany the restaurant’s dishes.

In the kitchen, Sylvain Nouin, former chef of restaurant Le 37, has joined Gilles Tournadre’s brigade, combining the signature styles of “Le 37” with that of “Gill” to celebrate the wonderful continuity between these two establishments.


Products come first !

“In our profession, the only star is the produce which we strive to elevate. My cuisine is a simple cuisine, without unnecessary frills or sophistication, just enhanced with clean and subtle blends.”

And this is how Gilles Tournadre affirms his love and deep respect of the produce. Through his cuisine, he aims to magnify and reveal its many subtleties and riches without ever de-structuring or altering it. What emerges is a cuisine of fine produce and true emotion that combines simplicity with sincerity, authenticity with generosity, making for a truly gourmet interlude in Rouen’s historic city centre.