L'equipe au Japon
Japan and Gilles Tournadre, over 25 years of shared...

Fallen in the melting pot of Japanese food flavors in 1989, Gilles Tournadre is since an ardent supporter of the culinary exchanges with this



During his first trip, in 1989, Gilles Tournadre discovered a healthy and delicate cuisine, with lots of broth, vegetables and fish. Touched by Japanese culture and a cuisine based on respect for the persons and products, he will go there regularly for gastronomic weeks organized in Tokyo in major hotels and the rest of the archipelago.

Exchanges with Japanese chefs are each very intense. Gilles Tournadre is now part of the French chefs sought by the Japanese for seminars, but also as a consultant and representative of the French cuisine in Japan. It is also because today, he is himself very steeped in Japanese cuisine. Through the French Food Culture Center, managed by Ms. Harumi Osawa, he organizes annual conferences, cooking lessons and master classes.

He even opened in 2005 a restaurant, La Maison Gill - Ashiya (Michelin star), which became this year the House of Taka in Ashiya, combining the best of the two culinary cultures, with all the expertise of Gilles Tournadre and his head Chef Takyama Hideki.

"I'm in love with Japan and its cuisine since my first visit. I go there several times a year and this country still fascinates me as much. I love its traditions such as buying fresh fishes alive. The famous fish market in Tokyo is an amazing place for the freshness and quality of products. For a chef who loves the products of the sea, it is a kind of paradise. I am also very sensitive to the tea ceremony. This ceremonial requires you to take the time to enjoy a tea prepared with great thoroughness. This society can appear to be thousands of kilometers away from our own and yet we share the same passion for food. I learned a lot there. At least as much as I taught the art of French cuisine. Their food is also considered as an art and I like to mix the two approaches at Gill, my restaurant in Rouen. These exchanges are very important to me because they open the mind to new sources of inspiration, towards different products, through new techniques or cooking methods. I learned to use the Yuzu, the Miso or soy sauces, and how to prepare a Dashi. These gestures and flavors which I use in my cuisine have enriched my vocabulary. We also welcome regularly Japanese chefs in training at the restaurant in Rouen. Kazuyuki Tanaka, a form chef from Gill, spent several years at the restaurant before opening his own in Reims, Racine. I am very pleased that he has taken this step. I was actually with him in Japan few weeks ago! "


So do not be surprised to find Japanese flavors in some of  Gilles Tournadre’s dishes, it is his way of honoring these ancestral culinary traditions and profound cultural relations.


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Nov 22, 2016
The Impressionist Lunches of Thursday

When culture rhymes with culinary arts!

Lunch at Gill, followed by a guided tour of the exhibition “Scenes from Impressionist Life”. 

Four dates: 2 and 23 June, 7 July and 8 September.

On the programme, a delicious lunch at Gill, followed by a guided tour of the famous exhibition at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Rouen.

A dive into the heart of Impressionism which reveals, behind the painting, the intimate life of the grand masters. Numerous master works from the world’s largest museums: Colombus, Dallas, London, New-York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Portland, Richmond, Washington, Zurich… The personal universe of major artists revealed: Bonnard, Caillebotte, Cassatt, Cézanne, Degas, Gauguin, Manet, Monet, Morisot, Renoir…"

Impressionist Menu:

  • Starter, main course and dessert
  • Glass of “Gill” Champagne, 2 glasses of wine and mineral water
  • Tea or coffee and mignardises

Reserve by email: or by telephone : +33 2 35 71 16 14

Price: € 98

Our favourite wine: Cul de Beaujeu 2013

Domaine Lucien Crochet. Sancerre Wines.

Its colour is pale yellow and limpid. Its nose is based on scents of mint, spices and vanilla. Cul de Beaujeu can be wonderfully paired with fine fish. “John Dory in a bouillon scented with lemongrass, fricassée of green asparagus and artichokes”, “Langoustine carpaccio marinated in ginger, oyster mousse, shellfish gel”. Our favourite wine will seduce you with its length on the palate and its minerality, which is characteristic for the Terres Blanches terroir. A wonderful encounter! To be enjoyed at Gill.

musée des beaux arts
On the side of the Impressionists

On the occasion of the Impressionist Normandy Festival from 16 April to 26 September 2016.

The Impressionist Normandy Festival will be staged for the third time from 16 April to 26 September 2016. A great opportunity to discover the region through the master painters who loved and represented it. This year the focus is on portraits. Monet, Degas, Renoir, Pissarro … They all invite you to a magnificent voyage in the heart of colours and emotions! And for a perfect voyage through Normandy, Gill proposes a discovery or rediscovery of the classics of Norman culinary arts.

On the menu:

  • Sea Bass in cider – as a fillet, pan seared, cider jus, apple and onion marmalade, fluffy cream with Calvados
  • Pigeon à la Rouennaise – its confit and lacquered legs, pan-seared duck foie gras, ravioli with herbs
  • Traditional soufflé with Calvados of Père Toutain, green apple sorbet, confit apple terrine